TCA: Comedy Directors Talk Single vs. Multi Camera, Shrinking Running Times - Variety

There's no such thing as a single-camera comedy series, a clutch of prominent TV helmers agreed during a panel session Wednesday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour.

Comedies produced outside of the traditional multicamera stageplay-style format rarely if ever shoot scenes with just a single camera. Most of them use a hybrid multi- and single-camera format, as few showrunners would be willing to risk losing the option of having multiple choices for various shots in the editing room.

"There are degrees of single-camera-ness," said Michael Blieden, whose credits includes "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and FX's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." He noted that there are plenty of single-cam shows that shoot scenes on a proscenium to mimic a multi-camera environment for actors.

Peter Atencio, director of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele," pointed to "Modern Family" as a show that is "a multicam show very creatively and intelligently done in a single-camera format."

The helmers agreed that the focus on multi- vs. single-cam is "overblown" and that the most important factor is whether the material is funny.

Alec Berg, co-creator and director of HBO's "Silicon Valley," observed that one big difference is that shooting single-camera without an audience allows a show to milk the humor out of awkward moments of silence. "We do a lot of dryer tonal stuff on our show. When you're doing a multicam, you do something that's funny and silent, people laugh, and they fill the silence so it's not silent any more," he said.

On the other hand, the creative team gets instant feedback when shooting in front of an audience. With single-cam, which are often shot out of sequence, "sometimes you're just going, 'Does any of this work on any level?' " Berg observed. In fact, it often falls to the director to reassure the company.

"A lot of my job as the director is to do the job of the studio audience," Berg said. "You're a proxy for the laughs from the audience."

The panel was presented as part of the TCA tour at the Beverly Hilton by the Directors Guild of America. Mark Cendrowski, house director of "The Big Bang Theory," moderated the wide-ranging Q&A.

Helmers weren't shy about saying that they would like to see directors get a little more recognition for their contributions to TV. "I always say that scripts are about ambition," said Tristam Shapeero, helmer of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," among other shows.

The director "comes along and decides how are we going to shoot that scene to get the funny off the page," Shapeero said. Directors have the tricky job of bringing their ideas to the production while remaining "extremely respectful of the work," he said.

It's especially challenging for a director coming in on assignment for the first time on an established show. It takes homework and plenty of prep to learn the show's protocols and conventions.

"Everybody knows so much more than you do," said Linda Mendoza, whose credits include "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Black-ish." "The only thing you can do is know your script like the back of your hand."

The helmers spoke of their frustration at dwindling running times for shows airing on advertising-supported TV. With some half-hour series running as short as 19-20 minutes, shows run the risk of becoming "a radio play," Blieden observed. "You cram (plot and dialogue) in so much that you've taken all the visual transitions out," he said. "You're using about half of what television can do."

Shapeero noted that when "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" moved from NBC to ad-free Netflix, producers felt "relief" in being able to go back and insert jokes and humorous moments that had to be chopped for time when the show was bound for NBC.

Zetna Fuentes made her half-hour counterparts a little jealous in describing her working environment last season on "Jane the Virgin," with its distinct visual style that breaks the fourth wall and adds other inventive touches. Fuentes said she had a "magical" experience working on the CW drama's season finale.

"The showrunners are game. You really get a lot of freedom (because) visually they want to push it," she said.

(Pictured: "Silicon Valley")

Bengals Beat Podcast: First Camp Week Observations -

Then hear Margus Hunt discuss his return from a back again injury and a with regards to analogy.

Look pertaining to this podcast each week all through the developing season and in to the offseason. Listen To through Vance Joseph regarding Leon Hall's growing occasion expended from safety as well as a new possible early gauge about the race for cornerback snaps. The Actual podcast will come straight for you the instant we submit a fresh one.

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Bengals Beat Podcast: Initial Camp Week ObservationsHear via Clint Boling, DBs coach Vance Joseph as well as Margus Hunt also as analysis of the first week of training camp.

Hear coming from Clint Boling concerning the development of Russell Bodine and difference throughout blocking Geno Atkins this season compared in order to last.

Bengals podcast: QBs, DBs and accidental tweets(Photo: USA Today)


Camp Ripley: Medics keep skills at the ready - Brainerd Daily Dispatch

The MSTC presents most programs having a standardized computer pre-course as well as post-course exam utilizing a state in the artwork student tracking system to track progress.

"Referred to because the 'Mis-tyc,' its sole purpose would end up being to supply reasonable high fidelity trauma as well as health-related coaching to people people that are place either directly inside harm's way or in assistance associated with people who are," mentioned Noah Snater, MSTC instructor/course developer.

"This can be one of the greatest medical facilities I've seen since fundamental training; it's wonderful to obtain practical with the simulators," said Staff Sgt. "Our further benefit is actually to take the duty of supplies, teacher and also the facility off the unit, allowing these to concentrate his or her additional coaching tasks."

"The simulators employed here are very advanced, that they sweat, cry, blink, breath along with bleed. Pretests and posttests tend to be with the utmost significance for any student's power to gauge whatever they need to concentrate on during the course, also as how they have performed throughout. It really enables an individual to react such as throughout real life," said Medic, Spc. Cody Brown, battalion health-related readiness NCO.

During almost all courses, students are generally encouraged to share his or her past experiences inside a facilitated along with didactic classroom setting. training is offered with cost-free for you to military personnel and employs three full-time instructors in order to fulfill any kind of medical training mission.

Recently, medics via Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion - 151st Area Artillery utilized the particular MSTC in order to validate his or her combat medic status along with biannual EMT certification.

The coaching conducted from the medics from your artillery battalion had been centered on combat lifesaving scenarios. Derek Hauptli, battalion medic.

"Our mission is to train towards the highest recognized standard of life-saving techniques, emergency medical procedures along with continued emergent care whilst utilizing the nearly all recent simulation and the most up to date and also relevant medic materials obtainable for the Army," said MSTC Web Site Manager Jen Wamre.

"Courses could be arranged to be able to match many various schedules in order to fulfill the requirements associated with units in supplement in order to their mission," said Wamre. "Most of our own team count on these abilities pertaining to his or her civilian careers also," mentioned Staff Sgt. Instruction on medical methods was taught as a refresher followed by an evaluation beneath stressing conditions.

. Nicholas Halpaus.

Like your rifle range and additionally the tank gunnery range, the actual MSTC may always be the medic's range in Camp Ripley


Thomasville Church Hosts Back to School Concert - WCTV

"I enjoy getting capable of reach kids along with being in any situation to motivate them. As well as a college supply give-away. Thus that they can be prepared to deal with whatever they need to face, whatever may come his or her means this year," mentioned Bryant.

"We will possess some classical, a range of Afro-American spiritual, a few hymns, a amount of gospel. get them ready; buy them inside the proper mindset pertaining to school. Basically an eclectic choice of music," stated Aston Bryant, Assistant Minister associated with Audio at Initial Missionary Baptist Church.

Sunday afternoon, First Missionary Baptist Church had been filled coming from wall for you to wall as residents arrived around the scene for the 52nd annual chancel choir concert, "A Salute in order to Musical Prodigies."

The concert supplied over 70 youngsters with again university gear.

"It's another way we continue our reach efforts, our worship efforts, and our teaching efforts along with young adults and within this local church along with inside the community."

Aside via musical performances the actual plan in addition included recognition involving neighborhood 20-15 graduates.

Bryant, that has intends to attend grad college for songs training stated he enjoys participating within the plan each as well as every yr as they can easily combine his a pair of passions, music and helping the youth.

Sunday afternoon First Missionary Baptist Church has been filled coming from wall in order to wall as residents came out for the 52nd annual chancel choir concert, "A Salute to Musical Prodigies."

Courtesy: MGN Online

For the complete summer, youth coming from Very first Missionary Baptist as well as other surrounding churches practiced non stop for that big showcase. some with the backpacks were even embroidered having a child's name.

August 2, 2015


UC Berkeley's chancellor appointed to national commission on language education - Daily Californian

The commission will perform research, hold conferences along with collaborate along with scholarly and professional organizations nationwide, plus it expects to make final suggestions about language training within 18 months, based on Nuscher.

Dan Davidson, any fellow commissioner and also president of the American Councils with regard to International Education, said the last moment this kind of body existed ended up being during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, when there is also a desire -- just like these days -- pertaining to much better language education.

Davidson asserted although English may be the common language with the world, knowing just English will "only function inside a particular amount of transaction" using nonnative English speakers. not simply really does understanding a new language open up doors and enable one to understand various other cultures better, but being multilingual can additionally be beneficial towards the brain, Lopez said.

The commission can be the first associated with its kind since 1979, according to academy spokesperson Dave Nuscher.

Susi Lopez, a Spanish teacher in Berkeley Substantial School, stated the girl thinks forming the actual commission is a great as well as "timely" idea. "It's furthermore extremely important for your commission to possess a person via a sizable public school like UC Berkeley."

Lopez said that nearly all Berkeley High students take a minimal of one year associated with language classes and also the Berkeley Unified school District can an excellent occupation teaching foreign languages.

The crisis, together with other international concerns, raised the question regarding if the nation was doing "an adequate job to end up being able to prepare Americans to be able to defend (the nation's) strategic hobbies abroad" along with triggered calls for improvements within foreign-language education, according to Davidson.

The American Academy associated with Arts and also Sciences formed the particular Commission about Language learning in response to a bipartisan request coming from eight Congress members, whom asked the actual academy to examine and also investigate the means to enhance language education and learning to end up being able to be able to prepare Americans with an increasingly globalized world, according towards the academy's press release.

UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks ended up being appointed into a recently formed commission which is a new nationwide effort to examine as well as boost hawaii regarding foreign-language education in the country.

Dirks joins eight some other commissioners from across the country, as well as the recruitment of commissioners is anticipated to end up being able to carry on until September.. to develop have confidence in as well as individual rapport, which is often necessary to be successful in difficult agreements, 1 wants to understand neighborhood beliefs, cultures as well as customs that are "embedded in languages," Davidson said.

"People in various schools across the district care about producing language schooling accessible for you to students," Lopez said.

Michael Dirda, from the Chancellor's Office, said Dirks is actually becoming a new member of the actual commission since "he believes language instruction is certainly going being any critical location even as increasingly live, perform along with communicate with individuals coming from across the world."

Contact Natchapol Praditpetchara at [email protected] as well as comply with him in Twitter in @natchapolp.

"Commissioners are chosen simply because they've got expertise in the field in the single means or even another," Nuscher said


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